About Us

ELM Water Systems and Equipment Supplies Corporation humbly started in 2006 as a water systems company that established both franchises and independent water stations and offered maintenance services to water stations.

Since then, ELM Water Systems and Equipment stands by to its promise of delivering high-quality water purification equipment and excellent before and after-sales service at very affordable prices to homes, water stations, hospitals, households, and even independent/freelance water technicians.

We believe in the capabilities of our people as they are treated as our family rather than our employees. We serve our clients as they are our partners rather than our customers. We firmly believe that in order to grow, we should support the growth of our people, clients, and partners as well. In doing so, we actually achieve more. 

For 2011 and beyond, we aim to extend our network by searching for partners for our whole-house water treatment equipment and provincial dealers for water purification parts and water station supplies to attend to the needs of growing number of water stations. We also aim to strengthen our foundation by educating ourselves further through new technology and developing new products and services to be able to find better solutions for your water needs at better prices. 

We cater to all your water purification and bottling needs. We bring you affordable and easy-to-maintain systems that are durable as well as efficient. 

Join us in being ambassadors of health. We vow to bring to you, our dearly valued clients, HEALTH-BEAUTY-WELLNESS PRODUCTS! Let's join hands in promoting and supporting what is HEALTHFUL and HELPFUL.


Welcome, Friends!

We believe in fusion than fission. 

In creating than destroying. 

In cooperating than competing.

We welcome anyone and any company for we have so much to offer those who are open to collaborating.

To devise low-cost solutions in providing safe, clean, healthful water through efficient technology and high-quality equipment

To be the Preferred Water Technologies Company by 
Private Business Units, 
Local Government Units, 
Micro, Small, & Medium Enterprises, and 

Company Values 
Commitment to Quality 
Customer Satisfaction